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I treat your SOLO AD like it is my own offer I am sending.

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I Do Not Give Discounts For Testimonials
They Are Earned!

Great solos and fast delivery!
Dennis over delivers quite a lot,
and makes sure you get a good optin rate. Almost 80%! Thanks a lot!

Steven Daniels

I want to focus my testimony on the service provided by Dennis (Not forgetting to
      mention the conversion results that were really good for my
      first page). Dennis took the time to check my page and tell
      me what he thought. He suggested some changes that were 
      totally accurate.
Juan Sebastian Giraldo

The range that i consider acceptable is
between 50-70 cents/subscriber. i got 120
subs from Dennis for $82.50 so 68 cents
each. thats cool! His conversion rate on 120 subs out of 150 purchased was 80% and that
is tremendous.
thanks for a great buy. will be back!

Recently I bought a 100 click solo from Dennis.
It was last minute ans he said he would fit me in.
Here are the stats according to ATG:
Clicks Ordered – 100
Unique Clicks Delivered – 129 = **almost 30% OD **
Solo Ad Cost – $55.00
Conversion Rate – 41.09 %
Dennis made sure I was a happy customer,
I appreciate it when solo ad sellers follow
up to find out how the solo ad went.

Craig ODonnell

Bought a 200 click solo from Dennis, and
the transaction was super smooth.  Dennis
is completely professional and had me all
set up in just a few minutes. Solo went
really well, and I got a 70% opt-in rate.
                              I'll definitely be buying from Dennis again.

         David Lelong

Dennis provided me with a SOLO ad for my website... 
the quality of ads was awesome.  The conversion rate
more than paid for itself.     Thanks, Dennis.

John D. Kirkpatrick

I can't say enough good things about Dennis. He way over-delivered on clicks. My opt in rate was great as
well. On top of his great solo ad service he also was
very helpful with any questions that I had.
For anyone looking for a reliable source for solo ads
                                      I recommend Dennis.

Jason ONeil

Dennis thanks for sending the clicks on time with an excellent
performance. I am testing a new funnel and your courteous customer
service was a pleasure. I nearly achieved a 40% opt-in rate.
I'll definitely be back for more clicks in the future. Thanks again.

Hi Dennis,  Here are my results!  I am very pleased
with the final stats!  I use linktrackr because it is easy.  Numbers might not be totally accurate, but close--
Dennis pippin solo ad-  122 clicks    CV 63- DVR-5l.64%---sale 1-27.00 I was excited to get a
                                   sale as I am not really promoting my back end yet!
                           Thanks!  I will definitely use you again! Dee:-)


100 Guaranteed clicks

200 Guaranteed Click

200 Guaranteed clicks

500 Guaranteed clicks

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New Zealand






~Contact Information~
Catch me on Skype    truckerd56            email...   dennis[at]   (use subject SOLO)
Please Contact Me For Ad Approval


  I Can not determine the results you will receive with your solo ad. It is up to you to have a
good converting offer and sales funnel. It's also up to you to know how well your squeeze
page converts. The Only Thing I can guarantee, is that your clicks will be
delivered to your website URL.
No Refunds!

~Sales Funnels~
I am  offering to build good converting sales funnels
for those that don't know how or don't have time.
If you want we can talk about it on Skype.
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